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Examples of Work by Beth Galleto Marketing Communications

Articles written by Beth Galleto and published in NorthBay biz Magazine are linked below. For information on how to get your own copies of NorthBay biz, click here.

Homebaked Dreams: The California Homemade Food Act makes it legal (with certain restrictions) to sell foods prepared in your home kitchen. NorthBay biz Magazine, October 2012, page 34.

Educating a Workforce: How San Rafael City Schools became an educational pilot program for the entire nation. NorthBay biz Magazine, May 2012, page 54.

The American Dream: One family's inspiring story of business success. NorthBay biz Magazine, August 2011, page 66.

Live Local: Greenbelt Alliance's new Live Local project is reaching out to environmentalists with a unifying message. NorthBay biz Magazine, December 2010, page 32.

Ready, Set, Learn: North Bay Children's Center in Novato cultivates the minds, feeds the stomachs and nurtures the souls of its young students. NorthBay biz Magazine, September 2010, page 68.

35 Years of Real Estate and Construction: Through highs and lows, the North Bay is still home sweet home. NorthBay biz Magazine, January 2010, page 33.

Cover Your Bases: Creative insurance companies can craft a policy suited to your specific business needs. NorthBay biz Magazine, November 2009, page 63.

Caught in the Web: To take advantage of social media businesses must exploit the good, manage the bad, and look out for the ugly. NorthBay biz Magazine, October 2009, page 20.

To the Point: Once a source of contention, the Cavallo Point Lodge and Conference Center has become Marin's hidden treasure. NorthBay biz Magazine, September 2009, page 20.

Driving Technology Forward: Will the North Bay become the Silicon Valley of the electric vehicle? NorthBay biz Magazine, August 2009, page 16.

Up Close and Personal : Some wineries sell most of their product directly to consumers--and you can, too. NorthBay biz Magazine, April 2009, page 34.

Gold Standard: Cade Winery aims to be California's first LEED Gold certified, solar-powered winery. NorthBay biz Magazine, February 2009, page 70.

Everybody Wins: How businesses work with nonprofits for mutual benefit. NorthBay biz Magazine, January 2009, page 38.