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Marketing Communications


Examples of Work by Beth Galleto Marketing Communications

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For more information email galleto@pacbell.net or call (415) 464-9718.

  • Business Newsletters

    embroidme wilson elan
    EmbroidMe Dr. Maureen Wilson Elan Fitness Center

  • Constant Contact e-newsletters. Example: SFBAJGS News and Events.

  • Marketing Materials: Post Cards, Flyers, Brochures
    garden workshop
    B. Green Post Card for Foreclosure
    Support Group and Workshop
    Flyer for Norma Jean's The Beauty Studio

  • Book editing/proofreading. Please click on the image for more information about each book..

    singsing belzec mozart
    The Jews of Sing Sing
    by Ron Arons
    Belzec: Stepping Stone to Genocide
    by Robin O'Neil
    The Mozart Cache
    by Daniel Leeson
    Wanted! Schindler

    WANTED! U.S. Criminal Records
    Sources & Research Methodology

    by Ron Arons

    Oskar Schindler: Stepping Stone to Life
    by Robin O'Neil


  • Other books I edited and proofread include: Factors Impacting Low Incidence of Formalized Strategic Planning in Micro-Business, PhD Dissertation by Dr. Dan Geller; Passsive Pension Plan by Hannah Fliegel, Manuscript of on-line book; Bobby Cat Meets Silly Bird, Manuscript of children's book by Dr. Bob Selko.
  • Published articles in NorthBay biz Magazine: To see articles, please click here.